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 The Inauguration

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The Laughing Stranger

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PostSubject: The Inauguration    Thu 29 Aug 2013, 13:40

December 10, 1838

The cold wind whipped through the shivering crowd and forced the scarred battle flags to forget their wounds and stand at attention. The man on stage paused briefly for effect, grasping the lectern with hands like pale spiders. His face was set against the chill but his eyes were alight, almost wild with excitement. President Elect Lamar's voice boomed over the rushing wind as his victory speech reached its thunderous crescendo.

"We have seen time and again throughout history that the white man and the red man cannot dwell in harmony together; nature forbids it. The aggression and savagery displayed by the Indian leaves us no choice but to push a rigorous war against them and pursue them to their hiding places without mitigation or compassion. As president of the Republic of Texas, I offer them a simple choice: flight from our borders without hope of return or complete and utter destruction."

Despite the cold, the gathered citizens of the Republic roared their raucous approval and Lamar gave them a sober grin. Their cries of adulation were almost loud enough to drown out the laughter of the wyrm spirits.
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The Inauguration
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